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VELCRO Brand Garage Organization Easy Hang Cinch Strap Small, Holds 150 pounds,

VELCRO Brand Garage Organization Easy Hang Cinch Strap Small, Holds 150 pounds,

SKU: VELlvb23

VELCRO Brand garage storage straps with cinch strap feature, easy release pull tab and carabiner hook are the perfect garage organization tools. Garage storage solution for maximizing space, heavy duty straps are perfect for garage organization, hose storage, extension cord storage, garage hooks, camper accessories, garden hose holder, air compressor accessories, hang a bucket tool organizer and much more. Hanging straps with hooks are made from tough, durable and strong VELCRO Brand cinch straps heavy duty with gripping hook and loop nylon material combined with the highest quality grade carabiner hook; unique and useful gadgets for men or women who enjoy do it yourself DIY projects. Also useful for camping, backpacking gear and outdoor activities which require hanging straps or securing items. EASY HANG heavy duty storage straps are weather resistant, and suitable for outdoor storage solutions, shed accessories, garden tool organizer, ladder storage and more, use VELCRO brand reusable heavy duty adjustable straps with zinc hooks for indoor or outdoor applications


  • HOLDS 150 POUNDS: VELCRO Brand EASY HANG garage cinch straps with hooks are perfect for tough jobs and hanging heavy objects in your garage, shed or worksite
  • GARAGE ORGANIZATION MADE SIMPLE: Heavy duty VELCRO Brand cinch straps are designed for efficient garage organization and storage, organizing everything from bikes and sporting equipment to ladders or hoses
  • CINCHES TIGHT FOR SECURE FIT: Makes bundling objects easy, cinch function creates tight and securing bundles, prevents loose objects from wobbling, slipping or sliding out
  • EASY RELEASE PULL TAB: Strap easily disengages to add or remove objects, simple to spot the end of the heavy duty cinch strap to grab a quick hold and disengage or tighten as required
  • WEATHER RESISTANT Suitable for outdoor storage solutions, shed accessories, garage or worshop tool organizers, ladder storage and more, use EASY HANG garage organizer straps for your toughest applications
  • HEAVY DUTY CARABINER HOOK: Swivel spring loaded hook allows awkward items to be hung with ease; save space, get organized, hang and find things fast; elevate your game from simple garage organization hooks to these versatile hanging storage and organization straps
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