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Guidelines4quilting - Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit

Guidelines4quilting - Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit

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No More Slipping! No More Eyeballing!


The Grip Strips and Fabric Guides Work Together.

  • Grip Strips slip-proof your rulers, and Fabric Guides catch the fabric's edge for instant, accurate alignment.
  • Grip Strips and Fabric Guides are the same thickness, so everything is perfectly level on the cutting surface.
  • The Kit also works with 12½" and 24½" rulers.
  • Please note that Fabric Guides can't be clipped onto rulers with a fixed lip on one end.


Three Easy Steps for Mistake-Proof, Slip-Proof Cutting

Grip Strips are Crystal Clear, Repositionable, and Leave No Sticky Residue.


  • Attach one strip on each edge of your 12” ruler and two on each edge of your 24” ruler.
  • * Grip Strips are crystal clear and do not obstruct your vision.
  • It's easy to reposition Grip Strips without leaving any sticky residue.


Attach Grip Strips Right Up to Both Edges But Not Beyond.

Two Guide Lock Strips Attached to an Instruction Sheet are Included in the Kit.


  • The Guide Lock Strips should be attached underneath your 24" ruler before clipping the Fabric Guide on the ruler.
  • After setting the long 24" Fabric Guide to the measurement you want, the Guide Lock Strips will lock the middle of the Guide in place when you set the ruler down on your cutting mat. This ensures the Guide won't shift in the middle when you slide it up to your fabric's edge.
  • Guide Lock Strips are not required for your 12" ruler.


Fabric Guides Don’t Stick to the Rulers Like Tape, So There’s No Need to Peel or Bend Them.


Slide Them to the Measurement Lines You Need After Clipping Them on Your 12" and 24" Rulers for Instant, Accurate Alignment.

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