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Laguna Valley Bay

A digital, brand and eCommerce resell marketing company

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* PPC Advertising * Social Proof Improvement * Content Enhancement * Sales tracking & forecasting * Brand protection & presentation * Growth, reach & frequency * Strengthen Customer Experience * MAP Adherence * Quality products * Clever Gifts * Environmentally friendly * Unique products

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 Certificate of Diverse Ownership

We are a digital, brand and eCommerce resell marketing company. 

We have expertise in selling on the Amazon.  65% of online shoppers start their product search and buy on Amazon. Other agencies charge thousands for their services: We earn our income by growing your (the brand owners) income! 

We purchase your products wholesale and then resell them.  We align our strategies with your goals; get more people viewing your products, buying your products, enjoying and rating your products! Ultimately adding exponential value.

"No new Amazon Sellers"  Maybe it's time to evaluate your re-seller list?  What have your re-sellers done for you lately?

Do they provide brand reports?  Do they suggest ways to increase traffic? Upgrade your Keywords?

"We only sell to Brick and Mortar": Why? Amazon sales continue to grow at double digit numbers to over 70% from last year while

Brick and Mortar store sales are declining and are closing at alarming rates. 




ArdFay L.L.C. started d.b.a.  to partner with Brand owners to help grow their eCommerce business.  We are a multi-channel eCommerce re-seller and are always scouting high-quality brands and amazing products to sell across our platforms.  All of our services are included as part of our commitment to our retail partners. We use our skills to bolster current sales, increase brand awareness, traffic, brand recognition, image and appeal.   We go above and beyond expectations to enhance your brand.  More importantly, we are an honest company whose main focus is to be brand ambassadors for your product and deliver value well beyond our competition.  Hard work and integrity are our cornerstones.  Do you have a dedicated partner like us?  What have your current re-sellers done for you lately?  Want to focus on creating new products not selling on Amazon? Meet your new solutions Dream Team! 

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 Certificate of Diverse Ownership

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